Your Store

  1. TRENDY showcases your style collections to an audience of fashion & decoration lovers in over 160 countries. It costs nothing to open a TRENDY store and in just minutes, thousands of fashion shoppers can begin to browse your items.
  2. TRENDY widens your potential market and gets your brand noticed. Its live, shareable catalog moves unlimited photos of your products across social networks – fast. Just upload photos from Instagram or upload them right to TRENDY and send them across your other channels in one click.

  3. TRENDY’s minimal commission on items you sell covers all end-to-end sales operations – everything from pickup and delivery to returns, to customer service and all the marketing and publicity that puts TRENDY in the global fashion spotlight. You just post, tag and keep on designing.

Anything brand new (clothes, accessories, furniture, lamps, design objects, etc) . TRENDY is not a second-hand shop. Please have a look at the product categories to see if your items are a good fit for a TRENDY store.

  1. You need to be the designer, owner or brand manager of the items you are selling. Quality is key on the TRENDY platform.
  2. You need an invitation to open a TRENDY store. To request an invitation, click here to provide your contact details. Our team will review your request get back to you within 24 hours.

Absolutely not. Opening a TRENDY store is 100% free. You can promote an unlimited amount of items and never pay a cent for showcasing them. TRENDY only makes money when you make money. Our nominal 25% commission covers all sales operations, from delivery to returns to customer service to all the external publicity we run to attract fashion and decoration lovers to the TRENDY marketplace.

No. The money only goes one way at TRENDY – into your bank account! You just need to provide us with bank details so we can transfer you your earnings.

Sales & Payments

We send you your account balance by email on the first day of each month. All items whose 14-day return policy period has expired are considered sold, and the balance will be transferred to your bank account within 72 business hours. Items still within the 14-day return policy period appear as pending sales. They will be paid at the end of the following cycle.

We charge a nominal 25% commission on your total sales that covers extremely professional handling of the entire sales process, including pickup and delivery, returns, customer service and all external the marketing and publicity used to continually reel new global fashion and decoration lovers into the TRENDY marketplace.

Within 5 business days prior to the close of the month, TRENDY will issue you an invoice that lists a 25% commission for each item sold. This simply gets deducted from the money we transfer to your bank account.

Our team is here to give store owners peace of mind, so you can spend your time designing, posting and tagging. We manage any discrepancies that might arise and make sure you get paid for your items. We ensure:

  1. Payment security. All purchases go right into the system and customers are immediately charged. We handle the entire process. You just get paid.
  2. Returns management. Our team carefully evaluates every request for return and interfaces with customers directly to ensure that you sell as much as possible with no hassle.

Packaging and Delivery

Yes. Quality control and packaging is up to you. Our team can give you plenty of tips on best practices for packaging, considering the item type and distance of travel. Don’t hesitate to contact us at

Whenever you make a sale, we contact you by email with clear instructions on what to include in the package. Foreign trade rules vary a bit depending upon the origin and destination of the package, the contents of the package and the value of the items. But this is ours to worry about. We’ll let you know exactly what you need.

No. If you are selling from an European country, all deliveries within the EU are exempt from export taxes and customs charges. If your goods are travelling outside of the EU, as long as the sale amount is below €1000, there is no export cost. Import costs, if needed, will be determined by the destination country and paid by the customer.

Yes. In order to put an item up for sale, you need to stock a minimum of 5 available in each size and colour.


We are happy any questions you might have about your store or our services. Just shoot us a mail at

Keeping the stock updated is the designer's / brand's responsibility. According to the conditions accepted to create your store in TRENDY, when you can not serve a product sold to a customer because you do not have stock, or you can not serve it, you will be charged a 20 € penalty. If this happens 3 times, your store will be automatically disabled, and the contract between TRENDY and you will be terminated due to the infringement of the agreed terms.